“Sustainability is our strategic approach to managing business with the future in mind by integrating values of dependable governance, social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and sustainable economics into our operations.”

Fred J. (Jule) Smith, III, President and Chief Executive Officer 

Construction Partners’ purpose extends well beyond excellence in construction and materials. As a leading infrastructure company, we have a unique responsibility to perform our work ethically, to take care of our people and communities, and to conduct our activities in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts. We are committed to promoting a culture of socially and environmentally conscious behavior and integrating these business practices at all levels of our organization. Safety and health and dependable governance at our company will collectively create sustainable economic value for our stakeholders and promote good corporate citizenship in the communities in which we live and work. Using these approaches, we are building today’s infrastructure with tomorrow in mind.

A Leading U.S. Infrastructure Company

Construction Partners, Inc. is a family of companies specializing in the construction and maintenance of highways, roads, bridges, airports, and commercial and residential sites in the southeastern United States. Our organization began in 2001 as a dream shared by several industry veterans and their funding partners but has grown into one of the largest and fastest growing civil infrastructure companies in the United States. Our operations leverage a highly skilled workforce, strategically located hot-mix asphalt plants, substantial construction assets and select aggregate deposits to support our commitment to building and maintaining safe, high-quality roads in the communities we serve.

Our Commitment


We strive to be an industry leader in environmental stewardship, to conduct all of our activities in a manner that minimizes environmental impacts and to continually promote a culture of environmentally conscious behavior and integrating responsible practices at all levels.


We believe that we are at our best when the diverse experiences, skills and abilities of our team members are valued and effectively deployed in support of our common goal: a daily commitment to excellence and a focus on building quality infrastructure.


We believe that a culture of safety starts at the top and flows through the entire organization. Each of our operating companies is expected to cultivate a safety culture from the corporate office to the worksite.


Our company’s success is built on “doing the right thing,” a core belief that starts at the top of our organization and guides every decision we make as a company.

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